About us

Debucate is a privately funded, independent and open debate platform, free for everybody to participate. We aim to foster civilized and intelligent discussion on controversial topcis and encourage Arguments from all points of view. We do not take sides and accept all Arguments as long as they adhere to our Posting Guidelines.

Debucate's mission is to provide a place for people to share knowledge and educate themselves about topics in a factual, holistic manner.

We see several shortcomings in most ways information is consumed today:

  • Author bias: Information like newspaper articles are often written by one person with a specific objective in mind. This leads to the risk that the author intentionally or unintentionally presents a topic in a biased way.
  • Herd mentality: If everybody around believes in the same thing, one may accept these beliefs without properly challenging them.
  • Conflict escalation: When people with opposing opinions do communicate with each other, especially on the internet, it often escalates to a point where healthy discussion breaks down and insults are traded rather than arguments.
  • Information overload: With the amount of information we have at our disposal today, it becomes impossible to evaluate all information at hand and increasingly difficult to develop a good understanding on everything going on.

We aim to improve on these shortcomings in the following way:

  • Reduce Author bias: By allowing everybody to participate in the debate and make their Argument heard.
  • Reduce Herd mentality by presenting both sides: For each Topic Arguments and Counter-Arguments are visible side by side. This allows to easily compare Arguments and make up your own mind based on both sides.
  • Reduce escalation by keeping discussion on topic: By moderating submitted Arguments, we ensure that all Arguments remain on topic and free of personal insults.
  • Reduce information overload by structuring information: Grouping Arguments within an overall Point and allowing voting, makes it easier to get an understanding of the Top Points and Arguments on each side.