Code of Conduct

Last Updated: 20th January 2017

Debucate is a platform for people to discuss often times controversial topics. To ensure all users enjoy our website, we have developed the following Code of Conduct.

Adhere to our “Posting Guidelines”: Our Posting Guidelines must be adhered to by all users of Debucate. Content posted that does not adhere to these Guidelines may result in non-approval of the content, removal of the content, a warning of the user, blocking of the user or a ban of the user by admins of Debucate.

No Harassment & Bullying of other users: Harassmment (threats, repeated annoying, stalking, insulting, using profane language) directed towards other users is not permitted. Bullying and personal attacks (unjustified accusations, hurtful, insulting or hostile comments, threatening, intimidation, trolling and inciting violence) towards other users is also not permitted.

No Discrimination & Hate Speech towards other users: Discrimination and Hate Speech towards an individual or group based on their race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or gender identity is not permitted. Questions or content added about specific individuals or groups should be phrased in a neutral and respectful manner. Furthermore, the use of racial and ethnic slurs is not allowed unless it is used to sincerely discuss the background of the word.

No sharing of other users’ private information: Do not post any personal or confidential information of other users or post links to personal information of other users without their permission.

Respect the Intellectual Property of others: Refrain from posting content that infringes any intellectual property right of others. Please cite relevant sources of scientific data or research that you use in your arguments. In addition, any writing taken word for word from another source must be put in quotation marks.

Use of Debucate for illegal activities is not permitted: Do not use Debucate to engage in, facilitate, encourage or promote any unlawful activities or illegal acts.

Do not impersonate others: You may use your Debucate account with your real name or an alias. However, it is not permitted to use Debucate to impersonate another person without their prior permission. Please also refrain from creating multiple accounts.

No Hacking and Malicious Activity: Do not attempt to hack or add viruses, malware and malicious programs or code to Debucate or engage in an activity that impairs or otherwise interferes with the proper working of Debucate.

No Spamming: Spamming (repeatedly posting promotional or commercial content for your financial gain) is prohibited.

*Content posted that does not adhere to our Code of Conduct may result in non-approval of the content posted, removal of the content posted, a warning of the user, blocking of the user or a ban of the user by admins of Debucate.