General Posting Guidelines


  • All content should be written in English.
  • All content should be written as clearly as possible and be easy to read.
  • All content posted should contain proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Ensure to post in line with our Code of Conduct


  • All Topics need to be framed as a question (as opposed to a statement) and end with a question mark.
  • All Topics must be phrased in a way that they can be agreed or disagreed with.
    Bad Question: Who is the best singer of all times? (Cannot be agreed or disagreed with)
    Good Question: Is Whitney Houston the best singer of all times?
  • Topics must not be phrased in an ambiguous way, e.g. negative phrasing should be avoided
    Bad Question: Should one not vaccinate children? (Answering it with Yes or No can be ambiguous)
    Good Question: Should one refuse to vaccinate their children? (Yes and No are clear)
  • Do not create duplicate topics. (Please first check if your topic has already been created before creating a new topic.)
  • All topic questions should be short and simple. (A maximum length of 100 characters)


  • A Point is a short sentence that makes an argumentative Point, either agreeing (arguing Yes) or disagreeing (arguing No) with the Topic question.
  • Points must be a maximum length of 100 characters.


  • An Argument is a text explaining your Point further. I.e. Here, you go into detail about the Point you made in your agreeing (arguing Yes) or disagreeing (arguing No) with the Topic question.
  • If you use scientific data or research in your Argument, please provide sources for that information by for example, adding a link to the information. In addition, any writing taken word for word from another source must be put in quotation marks to avoid plagiarism.
  • While we strongly encourage the use of references and external links to support your argument, they do not constitute an argument by themselves and must be accompanied by a written text.
  • Avoid heavy use of bold, italics, capitalization and underlining.
  • Arguments must be a maximum length of 5000 characters.