Should children be vaccinated?

Should children be vaccinated?

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  • Vaccinations are given for diseases that are very harmful and often life-threatening. Even if there are slight risks, not getting a vaccination puts a child at a much larger risk. Additionally, these diseases are usually highly contagious, not vaccinating a child may therefore result in it infecting other children that are too young to be vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated for reasons such as allergies.
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    Correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation. A 1% correlation between vaccination and autism, as shown in the widest ranging study on this subject, definitely doesn't indicate causation. Even if we accept that there's a 1% chance of developing autism as a direct result of vaccination, that is much more preferable to them dying of a preventable disease, or being patient zero for this century's bubonic plague. One can put pressure on organisations to more thoroughly explore whether the 1% correlation is the fault of an element of the vaccine solution. In the meantime, the sensible thing to do is prevent your child from catching deadly preventable diseases.

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    If they are used, it means that they are proven safe.

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