Should homework be banned?

Should homework be banned?

by annawalkr added 2 years ago

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  • As I current high school I have many hours of homework each night. I find that I have as little as 3 hours of homework each night, and even though school controls my life I don't think the banning of homework would help to contribute to my learning. I find that the homework I recieve, although it is a lot and may take away some of the things that people say is essential for the high school experience, banning homework would hurt my education. My homework helps me to extend what I learned in class and help to understand and learn how to do the skills in my class on my own.

    by annawalkr added 2 years ago 0 0

    Home work should not be banned because  their are plenty of students who does want to study in their home .... homework helps them to be sincere in their studies..


    by rohan added 1 year ago 1 0

    Homework is an essential task for everyday.It improves the writing capacity and speed of the children seriously doing it on a regular basis.As we know that practce makes a man perfect so writing is a perfect practice for a student to get a topic clear.Besides those children who don't ever open their books.,homework keeps them in place

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    Homework plays a very important role in growth a child mentally and pysically also. Without them the childern are not bound to any limits and they will not work up upon whatever was taught to them.

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    Homework should not be banned in the school, but the homework should be given that they are able to do at home. But some of the homework really needs to be completed by the parents, as it was not able to completed by the students. Otherwise school authorities can substitute it with other activities such as test, or in some playful activity that help to learn. The main purpose of giving homework is that the concept should be cleared among the students, that can be done if the students be engaged in some activties. learning while playing will be good for them. 

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