Should Syria's President Bashar al-Assad be Forced to Step Down?
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Should Syria's President Bashar al-Assad be Forced to Step Down?

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  • Western intervention with Middle Eastern politics has led to some serious problems in the recent past. Considering Assad is currently fighting against ISIL (Enemies all Western Countries and Russia) it would be the best solution to leave him in power for the time being. The forced removal of a dictator causes mass chaos in the time following the dismantle, and there is little to no guarantee that whoever takes control will be better to work with.

    Telegraph, 2016:

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    Even after the chemical attacks, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated publicly that he will not turn his back on Assad. The United States dropped 59 Tomahawk missiles on the Syrian airbase where the chemical weapons were allegedly dropped from, and Moscow’s response was fiercely negative.

    ABCNEWS, 2017:

    While that article is written from the perspective of what options Russia has left in this particular incident, it fails to acknowledge that Russia is a formidable opponent and very few western countries have directly violated Putin’s wishes in recent years. Making the concept of discussion the forced removal of Assad a farce without first dealing with Russia.

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    Currently, as previously stated; Assad is combating ISIL which is the same fight every other prominent country is in as well. The forced removal of Assad would lead to a situation where the Russians and Western countries are scrambling to get a friendly ally in the Damascus Palace. Between the chaos of elections, the power struggles between Russia, Iran, and all involved Western countries, and a still active (albeit, fizzling) civil war…The fight to stop ISIS/ISIL from power grabbing will be lost with averted focus, which is not an issue anyone can afford to be distracted from at the moment.

    All this to say that, at least for the time being, Assad is the only viable option for Syrian leadership…As unfortunate as that sounds.

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