Should there be a law to ban mobiles for children below 14 years?

Should there be a law to ban mobiles for children below 14 years?

by Vinspire added 1 year ago

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  • There is nothing wrong with the proper use of mobile phones. They can lead to productivity (searching for solutions online), creativity (diy ideas), development of social skills (closed groups of friends on Viber with a supervising parent), etc. My 8yo sister loves googling about languages and animals and loves youtubers, but having a phone hasn't slowed her down in any way. Quite the opposite, she has been given all the tools she can get at this time and, as far as I can see, they are being used properly with absolutely no negative effect. She spends about 2h per day googling and chatting with friends who live far away and the rest of the day is spent outdoors. Ban mobiles? It might just lead to more kids using them.

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    The use of mobile phones is so widespread today that it's become an essential part of most families (at the very least the parent's lives). There is no conceivable method to monitor and ban the use of phones by kids under the age of 14 from just using their parent's phones at home without invading the privacy of each household. 

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    Many schools give students Ipads so students can access the information they may need in class. Phones also allow a child to contact his/her parents in case of an emergency, which is important as kidnappings and human trafficking are on a rise.

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    It should be a decision made by the parents and child, based on the child's social and academic maturity and the level of necessity for such a device.

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