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Love Debating? The Topic of the Month is a monthly competition where you can earn up to $30 for providing the best Arguments. Simply visit the topic page and add your Arguments. At the end of the promotion the best three Arguments will be selected and the author(s) will be awarded with $10 per winning Argument.


How can I participate?
Simply add your Arguments to the Topic of the Month, as you would for any other Topic. You can create an Argument together with a new Point by clicking on "Add Point For/Against", or you can create an Argument For or Against an existing Point by selecting "Add Argument".

How will the winning Arguments be selected?
When the submission deadline ends, we will evaluate the submitted Arguments and select the three best ones. Evaluation will be based on the overall strength of the Argument. If you want to learn more about how to create a good Argument, there are many great resources available. Check out for example Daniel Miessler's excellent post on the subject.

How will the winners be announced?
Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page. The winners will also be informed via Email within 3 days after the end of the competition.

How do the winners receive their prize money?
All winnings are paid out via PayPal. The winners will be contacted via Email and required to provide a PayPal account. Prize money will then be transferred to their PayPal account within 14 days.

Can I submit multiple Arguments?
Absolutely, you can submit as many Arguments as you like. Note however, that winning Arugments are selected based on quality, so focus on quality rather than quantity.

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